Kathrin Medve-Koenigs

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Eine 82-jährige Patientin litt seit 2 Jahren an einer kutanen Sarkoidose ohne systemische Beteiligung. Aufgrund des erfolglosen Einsatzes verschiedener kortikosteroidhaltiger Externa sowie Tacrolimussalbe leiteten wir eine Medium-dose-UV-A1-Therapie ein. Nach 50 Behandlungen mit einer kumulativen UV-A1-Dosis von 2.640 J/cm2 waren die Hautveränderungen(More)
Sunbeds have become very popular and, as a result, health effects of their use are of growing concern. In this regard, exposure to ultraviolet radiation from sunbeds may cause premature skin aging. Evidence for this assumption, however, has thus far been elusive. In this study, we assessed whether sunbed use induced the generation of a large-scale(More)
A 82-year-old female had a 2-year history of cutaneous sarcoidosis without systemic involvement. Various treatments including local glucocorticosteroids and tacrolimus ointment had failed. Therefore, we treated our patient with medium-dose UVA1 phototherapy. After 50 sessions with a total dose of 2.640 J/cm(2) all lesions had disappeared. Clinical follow up(More)
BACKGROUND Ultraviolet (UV) radiation phototherapy has been used for decades in the management of common skin diseases. On the other hand, UV radiation is a complete carcinogen and as a consequence, UV phototherapy is usually not used for the long-term management of children and young adults and in combination with topical or systemic immunosuppressants. (More)
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