Kathrin M. Möslein

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The paper provides an integrated view of value creation in mass customization-based production models. While flexible manufacturing technologies are often seen as the main enabler of mass customization, we argue that modern information technologies play a similar important role. Their significance is based on enabling a distinctive principle of mass(More)
Tilo Böhmann, Jan Marco Leimeister,<lb>Kathrin Möslein Service Systems Engineering A Field for Future Information Systems<lb>Research Service systems engineering (SSE) fo-<lb>cuses on the systematic design and de-<lb>velopment of service systems. Guided<lb>by a value proposition, service sys-<lb>tems enable value co-creation through<lb>a configuration of(More)
The idea of integrating users into a co-design process as part of a mass customization strategy is a promising approach for companies being forced to react to the growing individualization of demand. Compared to the rather huge amount of literature on manufacturing and information systems for mass customization, only little research discusses the role of(More)
Collaboration in research continuously gains importance. Recent developments in online collaboration technology, namely social research network sites (SRNS), specifically aim to support research collaboration. SRNS allow researchers to present themselves, to network, to communicate, and to collaborate. Acceptance of this technology by researchers has(More)
The paper sets a framework for value generation in mass customization based e-business models. Traditionally, mass customization was argued to be possible due to the advances of modern manufacturing technology. The paper discusses why mass customization is rather an application of electronic commerce than a manufacturing approach. Not flexible manufacturing(More)
IT-based innovation contests are making use of distributed knowledge of users and other external stakeholders to collect ideas or to let them develop innovations for new products and services. In addition, IT-based innovation contests increasingly offer functionalities to evaluate and comment the submissions of other participants. Whether this feedback(More)