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Disturbances of fetal autonomic brain development can be evaluated from fetal heart rate patterns (HRP) reflecting the activity of the autonomic nervous system. Although HRP analysis from cardiotocographic (CTG) recordings is established for fetal surveillance, temporal resolution is low. Fetal magnetocardiography (MCG), however, provides stable continuous(More)
Comparison of pre- and postoperative angiograms reveals no significant statistical difference concerning kidney size after successful reconstruction of the renal artery. This examination is based on planimetric data of 10 patients with haemodynamical important stenoses of the renal artery (including one patient with bilateral stenosis).
Out of 46 patients who had undergone acute coronary angiography in 41 a definitive acute myocardial infarction was present. In 31 complete and in 10 cases subtotal obliterations of the infarct-related coronary artery were found. 14 patients had a one-vessel-disease, 8 a two-vessel-disease, but 19 a three-vessel-disease. In these 41 patients with acute(More)
On 22 auto- or homotransplanted kidneys of dogs a quantitative angiographic evaluation of the corticalis perfusion was carried out. For this purpose four special parameters were evaluated. With the help of the linear discriminance analysis we succeed in a sufficient secure separation between autografts impaired by ischaemia or shock on the one hand and(More)
Quantitative angiocardiographic examinations concerning the regional contraction of the left ventricle in 16 patients with acute myocardial infarction were performed. In comparison to a control group of 6 healthy male patients the determination of the speed of the medium regional shortening (MVRF) of 12 different ventricle segments resulted in typical(More)
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