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Service-oriented architectures propose loosely coupled interacting services as building blocks for distributed applications. Since distributed services differ from traditional monolithic software systems, novel testing methods are required. Based on the specification of a service, we introduce an approach to automatically generate test cases for black-box(More)
Compatibility of behavior, i.e. the correct ordering of messages , is one of the core aspects for the interaction between services as parts of an inter-organizational business process. In previous work, we proposed formal representations for service behavior (including Petri nets and service automata) and finite representations of sets thereof (operating(More)
Interacting services raise a number of new software engineering challenges. To meet these challenges, the behaviour of the involved services must be considered. We present results regarding the behaviour of services in isolation, the interaction of services in choreographies, the exchangeability of a service, and the synthesis of desired partner services.(More)
When developing an existing service further, new functionalities can be added and existing functionalities can be changed or removed. Consequently, also test cases have to be added to or removed from the existing test suite. In this paper, we present an idea how a test suite can be adjusted to these changes. Thereby, we focus on modifications concerning the(More)
The paradigm of Service-Oriented Computing (SOC) provides a framework for interorganizational business processes and for the emerging programming-in-the-large. The basic idea of SOC, the interaction of services, rises a lot of issues such as proper termination of interacting services or substitution of a service by another one. Such issues can be addressed(More)