Kathrin Hoppe

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New approaches to synthesize photostable thiol-capped CdTe nanocrystals are reported. Post-preparative sizeselective precipitation and selective photochemical etching have been developed as methods providing an increase of photoluminescence quantum efficiency of the nanocrystals of up to 40%. Some advantages of thiol-capping in comparison to conventional(More)
We present the characterization of the organic ligand shell of CdSe/Cd(x)Zn(1-x)S/ZnS nanoparticles by means of fluorescence quenching experiments. Both electron scavengers and acceptors for resonance energy transfer were employed as probes. Different quenching behavior for short and long chain thiol ligands in water was found. It could be shown that(More)
The growth of the microorganism and the production of the pectinolytic enzyme complex in a stirred 30-l biofermentor using the Aspergillus niger Rehbrücke strain were studied. The time courses of fermentation parameters (formation of biomass, consumption of carbon and inorganic nitrogen source, formation of pectinolytic enzymes) were measured. The formation(More)
Both surface texture and littorinid grazing are known to influence the establishment of many shallow-water benthic hard-bottom communities. However, the effects of these factors and their interactions have not yet been investigated in a quantifiable manner. This investigation aims to assess the interactive effect of both factors in a strictly standardized(More)
For the determination of differentiation probabilities in a multiple experimental design the range of stimuli is a significant source of disturbance. In order to determine their efficiency, sequences with 5 equidistant gradated concentrations of sucrose were used, which were compared with a basic concentration. The probability for each gradation was carried(More)
The sweetness potency of sweeteners depends on temperature. At 50 degrees C the 2.4-fold concentration of saccharin and the 1.3-fold of cyclamate respectively is needed to produce the same sweetness (as related to sucrose) as in solutions at 20 degrees C. As well as in water the sweetening power decreases in chinese tea with increasing temperature. Only in(More)
Sealing of the flow channel is an important aspect during integration of microfluidic channels and optical waveguides. The uneven topography of many waveguide-fabrication techniques will lead to leakage of the fluid channels. Planarization methods such as chemical mechanical polishing or the etch-back technique are possible, but troublesome. We present a(More)
Standard procedures to coat gold nanorods (AuNR) with poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG)-based ligands are not reliable and high PEG-grafting densities are not achieved. In this work, the ligand exchange of AuNR with PEGMUA, a tailored PEG-ligand bearing a C10 alkylene spacer, is studied. PEGMUA provides AuNR with very high stability against oxidative etching with(More)