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E-TALEN: a web tool to design TALENs for genome engineering
E-TALEN enables the design of TALENs against a single target or a large number of target genes and guides the user through an end-to-end design process of de novo TALen pairs, which are specific to a certain sequence or genomic locus.
Mia40 Protein Serves as an Electron Sink in the Mia40-Erv1 Import Pathway*
Mia40 in mitochondria from the erv1–101 mutant was also trapped in a completely reduced state, demonstrating that Mia40 can accept up to six electrons as substrates are imported, and these studies support that Mia 40 functions as an electron sink to facilitate the insertion of two disulfide bonds into substrates.
ERAD‐dependent control of the Wnt secretory factor Evi
It is found that abundance of the Wnt cargo receptor Evi (Wls/GPR177), which is required for Wnt protein secretion, is also regulated by the UPS through endoplasmic reticulum (ER)‐associated degradation (ERAD), and ERAD‐dependent control of Evi availability impacts the scale of Wntprotein secretion by adjusting the amount ofEvi to meet the requirement ofWnt protein export.
Biochemical Methods to Analyze Wnt Protein Secretion.
Quantifying the amount of secreted Wnt proteins and their activity in the supernatant of cells allows the investigation of intracellular trafficking events that regulate Wnt secretion and the role of extracellular modulators of Wnt spreading.