Kathleen Ward

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The effects of high-carbohydrate, high plant fiber (HCF) diets on glucose and lipid metabolism of 20 lean men receiving insulin therapy for diabetes mellitus were evaluated on a metabolic ward. All men received control diets for an average of 7 days followed by HCF diets for an average of 16 days. Diets were designed to be weight-maintaining and there were(More)
High carbohydrate diets rich in dietary fiber were fed to 13 hyperglycemic diabetic men; five men required 15 to 28 units of insulin per day, five men required sulfonylureas, and three men required 40 to 55 units of insulin. All 13 men were fed weight maintaining American Diabetic Association diets containing 43% of calories as carbohydrate for 1 week and(More)
High-carbohydrate, high-fiber (HCF) diets have beneficial therapeutic effects for selected patients with diabetes mellitus. We have treated 10 patients with HCF diets on a metabolic ward and followed them for an average of 15 months while they were on maintenance diets at home. The HCF diets containing 70 per cent of calories as carbohydrate were(More)
OBJECTIVE The study tested whether adding up to 18 months of telephone continuing care, either as monitoring and feedback (TM) or longer contacts that included counseling (TMC), to intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) improved outcomes for alcohol-dependent patients. METHOD Participants (N = 252) who completed 3 weeks of IOP were randomized to up to 36(More)
Information on the carbohydrate, protein, fat, kilocalorie, and plant fiber content of 152 common foods has been collated. These data are based on information currently available and will need to be modified and updated as more information emerges. These data are presented in six tables that follow the format of the commonly used Exchange Lists for Meal(More)
OBJECTIVE The goals of this study were to examine trajectories of blood pressure (BP) in adults with diabetes and investigate the association of trajectory patterns with mortality. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS A nonconcurrent longitudinal design was used to monitor 3,766 Medicare patients with diabetes from 2005 through 2008. Data were extracted from a(More)
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