Kathleen Walther

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Glucose-repressible alcohol dehydrogenase II, encoded by the ADH2 gene of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, is transcriptionally controlled by the activator Adr1, binding UAS1 of the control region. However, even in an adr1 null mutant, a substantial level of gene derepression can be detected, arguing for the existence of a further mechanism of(More)
Future scenarios for the oceans project combined developments of CO2 accumulation and global warming and their impact on marine ecosystems. The synergistic impact of both factors was addressed by studying the effect of elevated CO2 concentrations on thermal tolerance of the coldeurythermal spider crab Hyas araneus from the population around Helgoland. Here(More)
Apoptosis after the loss of cell anchorage--"anoikis"--plays an important role in the life cycle of adherent cells. Furthermore, loss of anchorage dependency is believed to be a critical step in metastatic transformation. The aim of this study was to further characterize the sequence of intracellular events during anoikis in a nontransformed population of(More)
The combined effects of ocean warming and acidification were compared in larvae from two populations of the cold-eurythermal spider crab Hyas araneus, from one of its southernmost populations (around Helgoland, southern North Sea, 54 N, habitat temperature 3–18 C; collection: January 2008, hatch: January–February 2008) and from one of its northernmost(More)
Satellite cell cultures were derived from mice selected long-term over 70 generations for body weight (DU-6, growth), carcass protein amount (DU-6P, protein) and an index combining body weight and endurance treadmill performance (DU-6+LB, growth + fitness) at 42 days of age and from an unselected control line (DU-Ks). They were grown under identical(More)
By means of a questionnaire sent to 1615 dentist practices in 9 Lander of the former West Germany, a survey has been organized of the efficiency of amalgam separators, which had been made compulsory on 1 January 1990. Only 51% seems to be operating without any defaults. The frequency and the nature of the defaults, as well as the cost-price of the repairs(More)