Kathleen Taylor

Ryan D Ward3
Peter D Balsam3
Eleanor H Simpson2
John I Glendinning1
3Ryan D Ward
3Peter D Balsam
2Eleanor H Simpson
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We previously showed that mice that selectively and reversibly overexpress striatal D2 receptors (D2R-OE) model the negative symptoms of schizophrenia. Specifically, D2R-OE mice display a deficit in incentive motivation. The present studies investigated the basis for this deficit. First, we assessed whether hedonic reaction to reward is intact in D2R-OE(More)
Anticipation occurs on timescales ranging from milliseconds to hours to days. This paper relates the theoretical and methodological developments in the study of interval timing in the seconds, minutes and hours range to research on the anticipatory activity induced by regularly timed daily meals. Daily food-anticipatory activity (FAA) is entrained by(More)
BACKGROUND Cognitive inflexibility is a core symptom of several mental disorders including schizophrenia. Brain imaging studies in schizophrenia patients performing cognitive tasks have reported decreased activation of the mediodorsal thalamus (MD). Using a pharmacogenetic approach to model MD hypofunction, we recently showed that decreasing MD activity(More)
Selecting visual targets for saccadic eye movements is a vital step in sensorimotor processing. This selection is made on the basis of target salience: a saccade tends to be made to the most interesting part of the visual "eld. Both bottom-up and top-down processes have been postulated to contribute to salience, but the exact mechanisms by which some areas(More)
Motivation serves 2 important functions: It guides actions to be goal-directed, and it provides the energy and vigor required to perform the work necessary to meet those goals. Dissociating these 2 processes with existing behavioral assays has been a challenge. In this article, we report a novel experimental strategy to distinguish the 2 processes in mice.(More)
Understanding intergroup prejudice is a dominant research focus for social psychology. Prejudice is usually conceptualized as a continuum of positive/negative affect, but this has limitations. It neither reflects people's ability to maintain simultaneous positive and negative stereotypes of others nor explains extreme prejudice (bigotry). Some researchers(More)
There is a need for expandable, integrated workstation environments which are simple and straight-forward to use but which can be modified to accommodate a particular user's needs. In this paper, a model is proposed for the development of integrated workstation software. Integration is achieved through message passing and by encapsulating information in(More)
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