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— The Domain Name System (DNS) is an essential network infrastructure component since it supports the operation of the Web, Email, Voice over IP (VoIP) and other business-critical applications running over the network. Events that compromise the security of DNS can have a significant impact on the Internet since they can affect its availability and its(More)
IP application performance must frequently be assessed using empirical methods that combine performance testing and modeling. We have developed an approach to identifying bottlenecks using performance signatures. A performance signature is a set of characteristic and repeatable behaviors (e.g., response time, resource utilization or throughput vs. some(More)
\The Use of SS7 and GSM to support high density personal communications," Third Winlab workshop on third generation wireless information networks, April 1992, pp. 49{57. 16 maintained without having to contact mobile hosts all the time. Recovery introduces new problems due to various forms of elective failures-failures which can be anticipated and prepared(More)