Kathleen Rothwell

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We report the analysis of a number of lines of Drosophila melanogaster containing insertions of the yeast gal4 gene. By crossing a UAS-lacZ fusion gene as a reporter into these lines, we analysed the expression patterns of beta-galactosidase during oogenesis. Since there is no expression of GAL4 in the germ-line in these experiments, this is an ideal system(More)
Despite similar functions, the yolk proteins of the higher dipteran flies and the vitellogenins found in other insects are unrelated at the sequence level and have evolved from different genes. Both are selectively endocytosed into the ovary via receptors belonging to the LDLR receptor subfamily. We cloned the Drosophila yp1 gene into an E. coli expression(More)
The triacylglycerol lipases present in adult Drosophila melanogaster have been investigated. Different lipase activities are present in various tissues in the fly. In particular, an abundant lipase activity is present in the male accessory gland. An esterase null mutant was used to confirm that the enzyme activity was due to a distinct lipase and not(More)
The loco gene encodes several different isoforms of a regulator of G-protein signalling. These different isoforms of LOCO are part of a pathway enabling cells to respond to external signals. LOCO is known to be required at various developmental stages including neuroblast division, glial cell formation and oogenesis. Less is known about LOCO and its(More)