Kathleen R Stevens

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OBJECT Ependymomas in children continue to generate controversy regarding their histological diagnosis and grading. optimal management, and possible prognostic factors. To increase our knowledge of these tumors the authors addressed these issues in a cohort of children with prospectively staged ependymomas treated with radiotherapy and chemotherapy. (More)
BACKGROUND A wide range of diverse and inconsistent terminology exists in the field of knowledge translation. This limits the conduct of evidence syntheses, impedes communication and collaboration, and undermines knowledge translation of research findings in diverse settings. Improving uniformity of terminology could help address these challenges. In 2012,(More)
Dissemination is the targeted distribution of information and intervention materials to spread knowledge and evidence-based interventions to a larger audience (NIH, 2011). Implementation is the use of strategies to promote the systematic uptake of evidence-based practices into routine practice and healthcare policy to improve the quality and effectiveness(More)
The purpose of this paper is to report the variance in institutional review board (IRB) reviews as part of the implementation of a multisite, quality improvement study through the Improvement Science Research Network (ISRN) and recommend strategies successful in procuring timely IRB approval. Using correspondence documents as data sources, the level of(More)
Healthcare is a complex adaptive system, and efforts to improve through the implementation of best practice are well served by various interacting disciplines within the system. As a transdisciplinary model is new to clinicians, an infrastructure that creates academic-practice partnerships and builds capacity for scientific collaboration is necessary to(More)
Addressing microsystem problems from the frontline holds promise for quality enhancement. Frontline providers are urged to apply quality improvement; yet no systematic approach to problem detection has been tested. This study investigated a self-report approach to detecting operational failures encountered during patient care. Methods. Data were collected(More)
Correction In the course of type-setting the article [1], the first two sentences of the background section were inadvertently printed without quotation marks. These two sentences are a direct quote from the paper referenced, and as such, require quotation marks. In addition, the formatting for this reference was printed with the number [1] as well as the(More)
The purpose of this study was to identify stakeholder views about national priorities for improvement science and build agreement for action in a national improvement and implementation research network in the USA. This was accomplished using three stages of identification and consensus. (1) Topics were identified through a multipronged environmental scan(More)