Kathleen R. Smith

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PURPOSE This randomized controlled study compared the interviewing skills of first-year medical students receiving feedback primarily from standardized patients (SPs) with those of students receiving feedback primarily from faculty. METHOD All 154 first-year students at the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine in 1993-94 were video-taped to assess(More)
Over one third of U.S. youth are overweight or obese. Treatments typically have had unreliable effects, inconsistently incorporating behavior-change theory. After-school care might be a viable setting for health behavior-change programs. We evaluated effects of two consecutive 12-week segments of a revised self-efficacy/social cognitive theory-based(More)
Many have argued that self-care should play a critical role in graduate training in professional psychology (Bamonti et al., 2014; Barnett & Cooper, 2009; Elman & Forrest, 2007; Norcross & Guy, 2007); however, the existing research on the effectiveness of self-care activities for graduate students has produced somewhat mixed results. The purpose of this(More)
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