Kathleen P Howard

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Although previous studies are beginning to point to the specific types of helix-helix interactions that stabilize the folds of membrane-bound helical proteins, quantitative thermodynamic data on natural membrane proteins has been very limited. Here the database is expanded substantially by adding thermodynamic data for a series of sequence variants of M2(More)
The influenza A M2 protein is a 97-residue integral membrane protein involved in viral budding and proton conductance. Although crystal and NMR structures exist of truncated constructs of the protein, there is disagreement between models and only limited structural data are available for the full-length protein. Here, the structure of the C-terminal(More)
A peptide designed to form a homo-oligomeric transmembrane helical bundle was reconstituted into lipid bilayers and studied by using (2)H NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) with magic angle spinning to confirm that the helical interface corresponds to the interface intended in the design. The peptide belongs to a family of model peptides derived from a(More)
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