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Women and Performance: The Development of Improvisation by the Sixteenth-Century Commedia dell'Arte
Three topics have a special relevance for the development of improvisation by the sixteenth-century commedia dell'arte: an economically motivated shift in cultural literacies, a popular preferenceExpand
How Easily the World May Be Begun: British History, American Newness, and National Identity
Le lien entre identite nationale et histoire collective - une histoire partagee, commune - est une question recurrente dans la litterature sur le nationalisme. L'A. explore la place de l'Amerique etExpand
Reading the Valley: Performance as a Rhetoric of Dimension
Studies in ecology that read the physical landscape as dynamic point to perspectives in performance, ethnography, and rhetoric that conceptualize liminality, improvisation, and probable occasion.Expand
Improvisatory competence and the cueing of performance: The case of the commedia dell'Arte
The immediacy of improvisation, which collapses the distance between composition and performance, consistently undermines attempts to locate performative competence, even in so studied a case as theExpand
Field Study and the Rhetoric Curriculum
Using field study to teach writing and speaking in rhetoric impacts both how technical communication defines itself and its role in the curriculum. This article reviews materials that support fieldExpand