Kathleen McCue

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A growing literature has drawn attention to the psychosocial impact of cancer on families with young children. However, to help families develop adaptive responses to chronic illness, recent scholarship has begun to advocate a shift in orientation from a deficit to a strengths perspective. In this article, the authors examine the reorganization of family(More)
This study examined relationships between emotional adjustment and a number of coping styles and strategies in people with cancer. Two-hundred eighty-three adults completed measures of positive and negative emotions, subjective ratings of cancer-related symptoms and functional impairment, coping strategies, hope, benefit finding, emotional(More)
Specific aspects of psychological investigation and management of pediatric patients with widely disseminated solid tumors treated in semiportable, laminar airflow patient isolators are discussed. Information was obtained prospectively from a psychosocial study c-ordinated with a medical investigation of the use of protected environments (PE) employing(More)
This study examined pre-school children's understanding of the concept of cancer and their parent's perceptions of their child's understanding of cancer. Parents completed a questionnaire and pre-school children were administered an interview. The results showed that when children indicated that they knew something about cancer, their responses associated(More)
Of the many life crises that a child may encounter on the path to adulthood, one of the most common is the serious or terminal illness of a loved adult. It is a reality that facing such illness can result in trauma, insecurity, and future psychological and behavioral problems. Alternatively, such challenges can produce enhanced family communication,(More)
We used a naturalistic methodology to examine associations between change in cancer patients' emotional functioning and their use of interventions in a community organization. One-hundred ninety-two patients completed measures at baseline and 6 months later. During this time, they utilized the organization's various interventions as they wished. Attendance(More)
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