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Mindfulness and trauma: implications for treatment
Mindfulness, originally a construct used in Eastern spiritual and philosophical traditions, has found new utility in psychotherapy practice. Mindfulness practice has been recently applied to
Distress Tolerance Treatment for Early-Lapse Smokers
A novel, multicomponent distress-tolerance treatment for early-lapse smokers that incorporates behavioral and pharmacological elements of standard smoking-cessation treatment, whereas drawing distress-Tolerance elements from exposure-based and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy—based treatment approaches is described.
Vicarious Traumatization: Potential Hazards and Interventions for Disaster and Trauma Workers
The concept of vicarious traumatization is discussed, a form of post-traumatic stress response sometimes experienced by those who indirectly are exposed to traumatic events, and how vicarious trauma reactions are experienced across different professions is examined.
Chronic Avoidance Helps Explain the Relationship Between Severity of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Psychological Distress in Adulthood
It is suggested that the general tendency to avoid or escape from unpleasant internal experiences may be a specific factor that exacerbates psychological distress among women with a history of sexual victimization in childhood.
A randomized controlled trial of cognitive-behavioral treatment for depression versus relaxation training for alcohol-dependent individuals with elevated depressive symptoms.
The current findings did not replicate the positive outcomes observed in the CBT-D condition in a previous pilot study, and possible explanations for why these findings were not replicated are discussed.