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and our anonymous AMJ reviewers for helpful comments on this paper and Mike Ferdinandi and David Hatch for help with data collection. ABSTRACT We examine the process and performance effects of two different forms of functional diversity in management teams – the predominant conceptualization in the literature (dominant function diversity) and a second(More)
A book review by Ian Jay An engineer reports to the project director that some pre-launch tests he conducted may have caused a short circuit resulting in test failure. The director sends the engineer a bottle of champagne. On an aircraft carrier deck a technician loses a tool, reports the fact and is given a citation that same day. In many organizations(More)
Although research has suggested that teams can differ in the extent to which they encourage proactive learning and competence development among their members (a team learning orientation), the performance consequences of these differences are not well understood. Drawing from research on goal orientation and team learning, this article suggests that,(More)
BACKGROUND Evidence that medical error is a systemic problem requiring systemic solutions continues to expand. Developing a "safety culture" is one potential strategy toward improving patient safety. A reliable and valid self-report measure of safety culture is needed that is both grounded in concrete behaviors and is positively related to patient safety.(More)
CONTEXT Prior research has found that safety organizing behaviors of registered nurses (RNs) positively impact patient safety. However, little research exists on the joint benefits of safety organizing and other contextual factors that help foster safety. OBJECTIVES Although we know that organizational practices often have more powerful effects when(More)
T he collapse of the roof of the Baltimore & Ohio (B&O) Railroad Museum Roundhouse onto its collections during a snowstorm in 2003 provides a starting point for our exploration of the link between learning and rare events. The collapse occurred as the museum was preparing for another rare event: the Fair of the Iron Horse, an event planned to celebrate the(More)
Ray, Baker, and Plowman's (2011) study of organizational mindfulness highlights latent tensions in the mindfulness literature and promising avenues for future research. Their study provides a springboard for reconciling the literature by differentiating organizational mindfulness from mindful organizing, establishing where organizational mindfulness and(More)