Kathleen M Scharer

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This study examined relationships between the ability to recognize facial affect and affective intensity in women with Borderline Personality Disorder. Women hospitalized with borderline personality disorder and community women without psychiatric disorder (n s = 35/group) were recruited via convenience sampling. The Pictures of Facial Affect and the Affect(More)
PROBLEM The purpose of this analysis was to compare social support offered by two telehealth nursing interventions for mothers of children with serious mental illnesses. METHODS A randomized, controlled, quantitative investigation is underway to test two support interventions, using the telephone (TSS) or Internet (WEB). Qualitative description was used(More)
TOPIC Parents of emotionally disturbed young children have expressed the need for more social support but societal constraints limit their ability to obtain adequate social support. PURPOSE This paper discusses what is currently known about coping, social support and Internet social support. It proposes the use of electronic social support to meet the(More)
Child psychiatric hospitalization is a time of crisis for the parents of a child with a mental disorder. Prior to hospitalization, the child's problematic behavior has escalated. Parents have various types of contact with mental health professionals prior to, during, and after the hospitalization, which influence their ability to care for their child. This(More)
Successful aging is of growing importance in the U.S. Many researchers have explored the phenomenon using various approaches, yet we are still lacking practical guidelines on how to promote successful aging in older adults. The Roy Adaptation Model supports the promotion of adaptation to chronic health problems at a time when one's overall health may be(More)
The admission of a child to a psychiatric unit is difficult for parents. While many articles about admissions can be discovered in the literature, few address the process of admission. A grounded theory study was undertaken to describe and explain the relationships that develop between parents and nurses in child psychiatric units. The crucial nature of the(More)
The purpose of this study was to explore the relationship between nurse and mother during the ill neonate's hospitalization and examine how this relationship influenced the mother's parenting of her infant during the hospitalization. Using qualitative methods, we separately interviewed ten mothers and nine primary nurses about their relationships, their(More)
Ventilator-dependent children are surviving longer and increasing in number. This qualitative study was undertaken to describe the impact of a ventilator-dependent child on 10 families and to describe the management styles used by the parents. In five families, the child remained hospitalized due to the disability while in the other five the child primarily(More)
PURPOSE This paper reports parents' use of electronic bulletin board for social support during a pilot study of an Internet intervention. METHODS Parents participated for a mean of 13.83 weeks. The convenience sample consisted of six parents. Data were from site access information and parents' postings. FINDINGS Excluding one mother who checked(More)