Kathleen M. Murphy

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Based on experience, published data, and published series, the authors recommend the use of vertebroplasty for painful destructive vertebral lesions. In the authors' opinion, the greatest difficulty lies in denying the treatment to patients with advanced metastatic disease, where other surgical or medical treatments may have greater morbidity and mortality.(More)
Deletions of portions of chromosomes 1p and 19q are closely associated with the oligodendroglioma histologic phenotype. In most cases, 1p and 19q are codeleted, yet the mechanism of dual loss is unexplained. We report 5 cases (World Health Organization grade III) in which metaphase cytogenetics identified a derivative chromosome consisting of what appears(More)
Chromosomal instability (CIN) underlies malignant properties of many solid cancers and their ability to escape therapy, and it might itself cause cancer [1, 2]. CIN is sustained by deficiencies in proteins, such as the tumor suppressor p53 [3-5], that police genome integrity, but the primary cause of CIN in sporadic cancers remains uncertain [6, 7]. The(More)
An investigation of malaria in a US patient without recent travel established Plasmodium falciparum molecular genotype identity in 2 patients who shared a hospital room. P. falciparum can be transmitted in a hospital environment from patient to patient by blood inoculum if standard precautions are breached.
BACKGROUND Recent data in esophageal cancer suggests the variant allele of a single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) in XRCC1 may be associated with resistance to radiochemotherapy. However, this SNP has not been assessed in a histologically homogeneous clinical trial cohort that has been treated with a uniform approach. In addition, whether germline DNA may(More)
BACKGROUND Despite considerable advances, DNA sequencing has remained somewhat time-consuming and expensive, requiring three separate steps to generate sequencing products from a template: amplification of the target sequence; purification of the amplified product; and a sequencing reaction. Our aim was to develop a method to routinely combine PCR(More)
INTRODUCTION Recent advances in multidetector CT imaging (MDCT) provide real-time "fluoroscopic-like" capabilities with excellent spatial resolution. MDCT fluoroscopy expands our ability to perform image-guided interventions in anatomically complex locations. Although MDCT fluoroscopy is currently used at our institution for a variety of procedures ranging(More)
Gestational trophoblastic neoplasms (GTNs) are a rare group of neoplastic diseases composed of choriocarcinomas, placental site trophoblastic tumors (PSTTs) and epithelioid trophoblastic tumors (ETTs). Since these tumors are derivatives of fetal trophoblastic tissue, approximately 50% of GTN cases are expected to originate from a male conceptus and carry a(More)
The effects of different types and amounts of environmental stimuli (visual and auditory) on microswitch use and behavioral states of three individuals with profound multiple impairments were examined. The individual's switch use and behavioral states were measured under three setting conditions: natural stimuli (typical visual and auditory stimuli in a(More)
Objective: Urothelial carcinoma of the urinary bladder is the fourth most common cancer in males in the United States. In addition to mutations in FGFR3, TP53, AKT1, TSC1, and PTEN genes, mutations in PIK3CA have been also described in urothelial carcinomas, preferentially in low-grade tumors. Mutations in PIK3CA also has been shown to have implications for(More)
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