Kathleen M. McCarten

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OBJECTIVES Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome is a rare and uniformly fatal segmental "premature aging" disease that affects a variety of organ systems. We sought to more clearly define the bone and weight abnormalities in patients with progeria as potential outcome parameters for prospective clinical trials. PATIENTS AND METHODS We collected and(More)
Right diaphragmatic hernia should be considered when an infant with Group B streptococcal infection shows deterioration. Although the diaphragm appears normal at first, increased density is seen in the right lower lobe shortly thereafter, indicating pneumonia and/or irregular aeration. Pleural effusion may develop over the next few days. Characteristically,(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess whether there is an association between the level of in utero cocaine exposure and findings on neonatal cranial ultrasound, controlling for potentially confounding variables. STUDY DESIGN In a prospective longitudinal study, three cocaine exposure groups were defined by maternal report and infant meconium assay: unexposed, heavier(More)
Dose-intensified treatment strategies for Hodgkin lymphoma (HL) have demonstrated improvements in cure but may increase risk for acute and long-term toxicities, particularly in children. The Children's Oncology Group assessed the feasibility of a dose-intensive regimen, BEACOPP (bleomycin, etoposide, doxorubicin, cyclophosphamide, vincristine, procarbazine,(More)
PURPOSE The Children's Oncology Group study AHOD0031, a randomized phase III study, was designed to evaluate the role of early chemotherapy response in tailoring subsequent therapy in pediatric intermediate-risk Hodgkin lymphoma. To avoid treatment-associated risks that compromise long-term health and to maintain high cure rates, dose-intensive chemotherapy(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To identify factors associated with outpatient follow-up of emergency department visits. DESIGN A retrospective review of 587 ED charts meeting strict criteria was performed. The following variables were identified: method used to arrange follow-up, age, sex, consultant contacts, distance from patient's residence to hospital, previous(More)
BACKGROUND Chemotherapy-resistant neuroblastoma is a difficult disease to treat with poor survival. OBSERVATIONS We treated a patient with neuroblastoma who had progressed on conventional chemotherapy. This 5-year-old girl with chemotherapy-resistant neuroblastoma developed Chagas disease at the start of salvage chemotherapy for which she was also started(More)
BACKGROUND The presence of a contrast blush on computed tomography (CT) in adult splenic trauma is a risk factor for failure of nonoperative management. Arterial embolization is believed to reduce this failure rate. The significance of a blush in pediatric trauma is unknown. The authors evaluated the outcome of children with blunt splenic trauma and(More)
Sellar area and volume are compared to chronological age, stature, and osseous maturation (bone age) in a series of control children of short stature and in those with primary hypothyroidism and idoiopathic pituitary deficiencies. Sellar area is increased most significantly in relation to bone age in primary hypothyroidism; volume is less useful than area(More)