Kathleen M. Hargiss

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Existing approaches to risk management in construction procurement primarily dwell on strategies designed for commonly identifiable risk factors in typical project environments. Commonly identifiable risk factors would include too early or late material delivery-a condition typically ameliorated by implementing a Just In Time (JIT) plan; inferior(More)
This quantitative study investigated the bond between a leader's emotional intelligence to employee motivation. The research was conducted at a federal government agency resided north bound of the United States of America. Participants consisted of 350 full time employees from various units of the organization. The leader's emotional intelligence was tested(More)
This article uses seminal and contemporary literature from 1980s till 2012. It captures issues of processes, alignment and trails patches of the issues for every tri-decade. Tri-decade analysis will be organized by researching issues from beginning of a decade, moving along to mid-decade leading towards the closing of a decade. This approach will be done(More)