Kathleen Lemanski

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In Europe, grasslands are among the most important agricultural systems which are subject to continuous management intensification, potentially threatening ecosystem services. We analysed the impact of management of permanent grassland, i.e. fertilizer addition (−NPK and +NPK), cutting frequency (one and three cuts per year) and herbicide application(More)
Roots and root-derived C compounds are increasingly recognised as important resources for soil animal food webs. We used 13C-labelled glucose as a model C compound representing root exudates to follow the incorporation of root-derived C into the soil animal food web of a temperate grassland over a period of 52 weeks. We investigated variations in glucose C(More)
Ferroelectric domain patterns are used as templates on which rare earth doped high refractive index nanoparticles activated with trivalent rare earth ions (RE(3+)) are selectively assembled on domain surfaces with a specific polarization. Two-dimensional luminescent heterostructures, with sizes and geometries defined by the ferroelectric patterning are(More)
Cardiac rehabilitation patients' perceptions of their ability to perform an exercise prescription can mediate how much effort they will expand toward exercise compliance. A review is made of self-efficacy theory and its application in research investigating the relationship between the self-efficacy and physical activity. This article explores how the nurse(More)
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