Kathleen L. Farrell

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The Corsi Block-Tapping (CB) task has been used as a measure of spatial memory since its development in 1971. However, a standard set of items has been developed for this task, and inconsistencies in performances within levels have been demonstrated in association with different path configuration. This study investigated item consistency by analyzing the(More)
OBJECTIVES Blood donation is described as an archetypal altruistic behavior, and recruitment/retention campaigns emphasize altruism. Here, a benevolence hypothesis for blood donation (both the donor and recipient benefit) rather than the altruism hypothesis (only the recipient gains) is proposed. DESIGN Three United Kingdom-based studies contrasted(More)
  • M Gilbert Porter, Susan Franzella, Jared L Cohon, Linda Evans, Virginia Sapiro, Suzanne Cusick +486 others
  • 2003
Intelligently conceived, comprehensive, meticulously researched, detailed and effectively organized, Standards for Success provides a major step forward in tightening the links between high schools and universities and thus increasing the chances for both academic achievement and personal satisfaction for our nation's students. Faculties, too, on both sides(More)
Using a Zero-Inflated Poisson (ZIP) model, we examine the effects of non-employee director ownership and director plan adoption on the firms' acquisition activity. We hypothesize that the firms' acquisition activity increases with directors' ownership as the directors' incentives become more aligned with those of the shareholders, and they become less(More)
Dehiscence of the semicircular canal is an uncommon condition and has been reported to involve the roof of the superior semicircular canal. We describe a case with dehiscence of four semicircular canals and in areas not involving the roof of the superior semicircular canal. Features that assist the diagnosis of this condition are reviewed, along with the(More)
Portions of this publication may be reproduced with acknowledgment for educational purposes. CONTRIBUTORS >>acknowledgments T he editors are indebted to the members of the editorial board who initiated and supported this project from inception to print. We thank Margaret Himley, Adrea Jaehnig, and Andrew London for their sustained commitment to the lives(More)
Family friendly work practices are workplace policies that assist employees in combining family and work responsibilities. These policies with the dual functions of facilitating employees non-work needs and allowing employees to retain and recruit valuable employees, have become the focus of much debate in recent years, both in Ireland and abroad. To date(More)
  • Claire Brindis, P H Laura Davis, Margaret Pruitt John Clark, J D Loxterman, Sharon Rodine, M Ed Marjike Velzeboer +19 others
  • 2001
v Preface elcome to a new resource, Communities Responding to the Challenge of Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention, for program planners, service providers, health and sexuality educators, community leaders, and youth advocates. This series provides resources and information to address the multifaceted nature of teenage pregnancy, using lessons learned from(More)