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Land grievances and the mobilization of electoral violence
Recent studies have asked why elites resort to violence, yet many overlook the process and dynamics of mobilizing violence. How do politicians convince their supporters to fight? This article argues
Raising the stakes: Land titling and electoral stability in Kenya
How does large-scale land reform affect electoral stability and the prospects for election violence? While scholars have theorized elite-level logics of land distribution, few studies analyze the
Defending the city, defending votes: campaign strategies in urban Ghana*
Abstract Rapid urbanisation in African democracies is changing the way that political parties engage with their constituents, shifting relations between hosts and migrants. This article examines the
Can Politicians Exploit Ethnic Grievances? An Experimental Study of Land Appeals in Kenya
Studies of conflict-prone settings claim that political leaders can increase electoral support by appealing to perceived ethnic grievances. Yet there is little empirical research on how appeals to
Contentious Land Narratives and the Nonescalation of Election Violence: Evidence from Kenya’s Coast Region
Abstract: This article examines the puzzle of the nonescalation of electoral violence. Drawing on evidence from Kenya’s Coast and Rift Valley regions, the article argues that land narratives along
Closing the Gap: The Politics of Property Rights in Kenya⇤
In many cases of state-led land reform, governments allocate land but withhold formal property rights from recipients. When do leaders grant property rights to landholders? We argue that land rights
The Struggle for Land and Justice in Kenya
  • Kathleen Klaus
  • Political Science
    Canadian Journal of African Studies / Revue…
  • 2 January 2022
instrument of suppression used to enhance immunity, that entrenched extractive power positions. Sadly, the chapter depicts a Nigeria where political corruption has grown by leaps and bounds to become
Chinsinga Blessings. Democracy, Decentralisation and Poverty Reduction in Malawi . Köln: Rüdiger Köppe Verlag, 2007. Mainzer Beiträge zur Afrikaforschung series, vol. 15. 233 pp. Map. Tables.
Blessings Chinsinga's book examines the politics of poverty reduction set amidst Malawi's decentralization experience. Chinsinga challenges the widely held belief that decentralization naturally