Kathleen Kahn

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OBJECTIVE To validate the causes of death determined with a single verbal autopsy instrument covering all age groups in the Agincourt subdistrict of rural South Africa. METHODS Verbal autopsies (VAs) were conducted on all deaths recorded during annual demographic and health surveillance over a 3-year period (1992-95) in a population of about 63 000(More)
BACKGROUND Low- to middle-income countries are undergoing a health transition with non-communicable diseases contributing substantially to disease burden, despite persistence of undernutrition and infectious diseases. This study aimed to investigate the prevalence and patterns of stunting and overweight/obesity, and hence risk for metabolic disease, in a(More)
RATIONALE FOR STUDY Vital registration is generally lacking in infrastructurally weak areas where health and development problems are most pressing. Health and demographic surveillance is a response to the lack of a valid information base that can provide high-quality longitudinal data on population dynamics, health, and social change to inform policy and(More)
AIM To examine the hypothesis that circular labour migrants who become seriously ill while living away from home return to their rural homes to convalesce and possibly to die. METHODS Drawing on longitudinal data collected by the Agincourt health and demographic surveillance system in rural northeastern South Africa between 1995 and 2004, discrete time(More)
OBJECTIVE To build on the previously reported development of a Bayesian probabilistic model for interpreting verbal autopsy (VA) data, attempting to improve the model's performance in determining cause of death and to reassess it. DESIGN An expert group of clinicians, coming from a wide range geographically and in terms of specialization, was convened.(More)
BACKGROUND The effectiveness of the rotavirus vaccine under conditions of routine use in an African setting with a high prevalence of HIV infection needs to be established. We assessed the vaccine effectiveness of monovalent human rotavirus vaccine in preventing admission to hospital for acute rotavirus diarrhoea, after its introduction at age 6 and 14(More)
AIMS To analyse trends in fertility rates and net reproduction rates in Agincourt, a rural area of South Africa located in the former homeland of Gazankulu near the Mozambican border. Trends are analysed in the context of widely available modern contraceptive methods and increasing HIV/AIDS. METHODS A health and demographic surveillance system has been in(More)
Bulletin of the World Health Organization | August 2007, 85 (8) Setting international standards for verbal autopsy Frank Baiden,a Ayaga Bawah,b Sidu Biai,c Fred Binka,b Ties Boerma,d Peter Byass,e Daniel Chandramohan,f Somnath Chatterji,d Cyril Engmann,g Dieltiens Greet,h Robert Jakob,d Kathleen Kahn,i Osamu Kunii,j Alan D Lopez,k Christopher J L Murray,l(More)
AIMS This paper examines trends in age-specific mortality in a rural South African population from 1992 to 2003, a decade spanning major sociopolitical change and emergence of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Changing mortality patterns are discussed within a health-transition framework. METHODS Data on population size, structure, and deaths, obtained from the(More)
BACKGROUND Verbal autopsy (VA) is the only available approach for determining the cause of many deaths, where routine certification is not in place. Therefore, it is important to use standards and methods for VA that maximise efficiency, consistency and comparability. The World Health Organization (WHO) has led the development of the 2012 WHO VA instrument(More)