Kathleen Hanney

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Assuming that adaptation knowledge will continue to be an important part of CBR systems, a major challenge for the area is to overcome the knowledge-engineering problems that arise in its acquisition. This paper describes an approach to automating the acquisition of adaptation knowledge overcoming many of the associated knowledge-engineering costs. This(More)
This paper shows that the use of adaptation knowledge in CBR systems is heavily dependent on certain task and system constraints. Furthermore, the type of adaptation knowledge used in particular systems performing specific tasks is quite regular and predictable. These conclusions are reached by reviewing forty-two CBR systems in the literature and(More)
This paper reviews a large number of CBR systems to determine when and what sort of adaptation is currently used. Three taxonomies are proposed: an adaptation-relevant taxonomy of CBR systems, a taxonomy of the tasks performed by CBR systems and a taxonomy of adaptation knowledge. To the extent that the set of systems built, reflects constraints on what is(More)
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