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Perceived Teacher Confirmation: The Development and Validation of an Instrument and Two Studies of the Relationship to Cognitive and Affective Learning.
This article reports an initial attempt to operationalize perceived teacher confirmation in behavioral terms and to explore relationships among perceived teacher confirmation, cognitive learning, andExpand
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The impact of perceived teacher confirmation on receiver apprehension, motivation, and learning
This article reports two studies on teacher confirmation. The first examined (1) students' feelings of confirmation or disconfirmation as a function of perceived teacher behaviors, and (2) whetherExpand
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Apprehension, self‐perceived competency, and teacher immediacy in the laboratory‐supported public speaking course: Trends and relationships
This study examines trends and relationships among public speaking anxiety, self‐perceived public speaking competency, and teacher immediacy for students with high, moderate, and low communicationExpand
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Perceived parental confirmation: Development and validation of an instrument
The purpose of this study was (a) to develop and validate a behavior‐oriented instrument based on the Cissna and Sieburg (1981) systemization of the confirmation construct, (b) to explore the extentExpand
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Trust in top management and immediate supervisor: The relationship to satisfaction, perceived organizational effectiveness, and information receiving
Utilizing 2068 individuals in 60 organizations in the U.S. and Italy, this study (a) examines the overall relationship between trust in top management and immediate supervisor and overall estimatesExpand
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Self‐construal orientation: Validation of an instrument and a study of the relationship to leadership communication style
The purpose of this study was twofold: (a) to test rigorously the measurement equivalence of the Independent and Interdependent Self‐Construal Scales (Gudykunst et al., 1994) across three culturalExpand
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Reinforcing the stigma - The representation of disability in Gattaca
In 1997 when ‘Gattaca’ was released its director, New Zealander Andrew Niccols, said he wanted his movie to entertain audiences and provoke them to consider the direction society is taking. Now it’sExpand
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New world, old habits: Patriarchal ideology in Star Wars: A new hope
Although Star Wars depicts a new world, it is one permeated with the ideology of an old one. If films are the ‘unconscious instruments of the ideology, which produces them Lucas ‘portrayed a worldExpand
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