Kathleen E. Rogers

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manner and used to study interrelationships of different cellular constituents and processes. The feasibility of these improvements relies not only on an increased number of probes or a larger set of fluorophores but also on advances in the hardware components. We are now incorporating spectral analysis into the coherent multiprobe approach by means of a(More)
We use thermodynamic integration (TI) and explicit solvent molecular dynamics (MD) simulation to estimate the absolute free energy of host-guest binding. In the unbound state, water molecules visit all of the internally accessible volume of the host, which is fully hydrated on all sides. Upon binding of an apolar guest, the toroidal host cavity is fully(More)
Delay Tolerant Networks (DTNs) is a promising current research field that have captured a lot of attention. In DTN, an end-to-end path is not assured and packets are transmitted from a source node to a destination node by the use of store-carry-forward based routing. In case of DTN, a source node or an intermediary node accumulates the packets in its buffer(More)
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