Kathleen Duffy

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Learning in clinical practice is an essential aspect of student nurse education yet debate persists in the United Kingdom regarding the role of the lecturer in supporting the student within clinical practice. This debate has been rekindled with developments in mentorship and establishment of a clinical role designed to facilitate and support mentors; the(More)
In this paper, Kathleen Duffy, Colette Ferguson and Hazel Watson discuss the challenges of using grounded theory methodology in research, particularly when used for the first time. With reference to a study of the factors influencing mentors' decisions when student nurses' clinical performance is unsatisfactory, they highlight some of the practical issues(More)
BACKGROUND Writing for publication, in the nursing profession, is considered essential for the development of the profession and individual career advancement. In education there is also the increasing pressure to produce University research output. OBJECTIVE To develop a collaborative writing group to develop and write articles relating to our teaching(More)
Decision making is a fundamental skill required by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) for entry to the nurse register. It is required for the completion of the essential skills clusters - skills identified by the NMC that must be achieved in pre-registration nursing programmes. Often students do not recognise that many of the tasks they perform on(More)
AIM This article reports on the results of a survey conducted early in 1999 investigating the effectiveness of current arrangements for mentor preparation and ongoing mentor support provided within adult placement areas within Greater Glasgow Health Board. METHOD A sample of 150 mentors was surveyed with a response rate of 47 per cent (n = 71). RESULTS(More)
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The need to provide students with regular feedback on their performance is integral to the assessment process, but not all mentors feel confident to do this. This article highlights the benefits of providing constructive feedback for both the mentor and the student. Five principles associated with giving constructive feedback are discussed. The importance(More)
Nursing roles have been recognised as pivotal to the delivery of good quality, patient-centred care. At the centre of this debate are the leadership roles of the senior charge nurse (SCN), which in recent years have come under great scrutiny. However, research suggests that these roles have become decreasingly popular as a career pathway. The aim of this(More)