Kathleen Dahlgren

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Support for the prototype theory of categorization was found in a study of the structure of social categories. Though occupational terms such as DOCTOR are socially defined, they do not have the classical structure their clear definitional origins would predict. Conceptions of social categories are richer and more complex than those of physical object(More)
The reader of a text actively constructs a rich picture of the objects, events, and situation described. The text is a vague, insufficient, and ambiguous indicator of the world that the writer intends to depict. The reader draws upon world knowledge to disambiguate and clarify the text, selecting the most plausible interpretation from among the (infinitely)(More)
This paper describes a method using commonsense knowledge for discarding spurious syntactic ambiguities introduced by postverbal prepositional phrase attachment during parsing. A completely naive parser will generate three parses for sentences of the form NP-V-Det-N-PP. The prepositions alone are insufficiently precise in meaning to guide selection among(More)
MOTIVATION With the increasing volume of scientific papers and heterogeneous nomenclature in the biomedical literature, it is apparent that an improvement over standard pattern matching available in existing search engines is required. Cognition Search Information Retrieval (CSIR) is a natural language processing (NLP) technology that possesses a large(More)
Tiffs paper describes Kind Types (KT), a system which uses commonsense knowledge to reason about natural language text. KT encodes some of the knowledge underlying natural language understanding, including category distinctions and descriptions dlffercntiating real-world objects, states and events. It embeds an ontology reflecting the ordinary person's(More)
Meine Untersuchungen über die Alismataceen haben gezeigt, daß die Embryosackmutterzelle bei fünf verschiedenen Gattungen syndermal ist. Der Embryosack entwickelt sich nach demScilla-Typus, d. h. zwei Makrosporenkerne sind an seinem Aufbau beteiligt. Nach den Angaben verschiedener Forscher soll der Embryosack achtkernig sein; aber diese Behauptung ist(More)
KT encodes commonsense knowledge (CK) about entities and relations in a cross-classified Ontology and a database of generic (prototypical and inherent) information. The verb Ontology combines linguistic and psycholinguistic classification. The generic information for verbs encodes typical associations with actions and events. This knowledge base is useful(More)
ITP's results are shown in Figure 1 . The ITP system was second highest in precision (46%) when all templates were considered, and at the same time achieved a credible recall percentage (20%) . Our overgeneration rate was second best (34%) . ITP was a very close second in both precisio n and overgeneration, as the top percentages were 48 and 33 to ITP's 46(More)