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Shifting scales on common ground: developing personal expressions and public opinions
We present an approach and a tool for helping individuals express small story-like expressions of personal perspectives in the context of larger, collage-like incubators of public opinions. Our goalExpand
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Horses, oxen and technological innovation : the use of draught animals in English farming from 1066 to 1500
List of figures List of tables Preface Abbreviations Introduction 1. The work-horse as a technological innovation 2. The initial stages: England from 1066 to 1200 3. The demesne: 1200-1500 4. TheExpand
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The shock of medievalism
In The Shock of Medievalism Kathleen Biddick explores the nineteenth-century foundations of medieval studies as an academic discipline as well as certain unexamined contemporary consequences of theseExpand
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Constructing Public Discourse with Ethnographic/SMS "Texts"
We are interested in how individuals and communities develop opinions about themselves and their communities as they design and use new mobile, public-sphere technologies. Expand
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The Cut of Genealogy: Pedagogy in the Blood
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Quantifying Continuous Lesions and Fractures on Long Bones
AbstractA system of recording has been designed to facilitate the comparison and quantification of features observed on extremity long bones from archaeological faunal assemblages. The system, whichExpand
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Missing Links: Taxable Wealth, Markets, and Stratification among Medieval English Peasants
Missing Links: Taxable Wealth, Markets, and Stratification among Medieval English Peasants Evidence for economic and social stratification among English medieval peasants confronts historians atExpand
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The Other Economy: Pastoral Husbandry on a Medieval Estate.
While the cereal agriculture of medieval Europe has been studied exhaustively, the pastoral resources and livestock husbandry of medieval estates have been seriously neglected. Kathleen Biddick'sExpand
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Genders, Bodies, Borders: Technologies of the Visible
As the senses of sight and touch separated with the industrial mapping of the body in the nineteenth century, the visible and the visualized aligned themselves in medical, scientific, and sexologicalExpand
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Medieval English Peasants and Market Involvement
This paper uses a taxation assessment to analyze the relations between taxable peasant wealth and regional marketing geography. The results show cashcropping patterns for different grains andExpand
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