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BACKGROUND Rectal diazepam and buccal midazolam are used for emergency treatment of acute febrile and afebrile (epileptic) seizures in children. We aimed to compare the safety and efficacy of these drugs. METHODS A multicentre, randomised controlled trial was undertaken to compare buccal midazolam with rectal diazepam for emergency-room treatment of(More)
Arachnoid cysts are infra-arachnoidal cerebrospinal fluid collections that are usually asymptomatic. However, they can become acutely symptomatic because of haemorrhage and cyst enlargement, which may result from minor head trauma. The range of symptoms is wide and many are "soft" signs. Diagnosis is important as cysts causing mass effect require surgery. A(More)
A Drosophila melanogaster dFMRFamide gene product, TPAEDFMRFamide, decreased crop contractions. However, DPKQDFMRFamide and SDNFMRFamide, also encoded in dFMRFamide, did not affect crop motility, which suggests these peptides are not functionally redundant in the crop and their unique N-terminal structures are important for activity. TPAEDFMRFamide-specific(More)
A young, male, free-ranging Pacific white-sided dolphin (Lagenorhynchus obliquidens) was found disoriented and died after being held in captivity for several months. Malacic lesions in several areas of the brain were associated with helminth eggs. The appearance and location of these eggs suggested they were of the genus Nasitrema.
OBJECTIVES To ascertain current use of therapeutic hypothermia (TH) after paediatric cardiac arrest in UK emergency departments (EDs), and views on participating in a UK randomised controlled trial (RCT) incorporating early induction of TH in ED. DESIGN Anonymous web-based survey of 77 UK Emergency Medicine (EM) consultants from 28 UK EDs that see(More)
  • Abbie L. Ahn, Karen Allen, +72 authors Jessica McKain
  • Journal of Genetic Counseling
  • 2006
Abboud, Abbie L. Ahn, Karen J. Allen, Rachel A. Allred, Christine Seward Andriole, Stephanie Apse, Kira A. Armeli, Christina Armstrong, Nicole L. Ashley, Stephanie S. Astrom, Kristin M. Atherton, Andrea M. Atzinger, Carrie L. Austin, Jehannine C. Badgwell, Ashley L. Baldwin, Kristin L. Banerji, Pia Banks, Kimberly C. Banks, Valerie C. Baraboo, Melissa J.(More)
Myotropic peptides can be grouped into different families based on their structure. Three Drosophila melanogaster myotropin families are represented by TDVDHVFLRFamide, dromyosuppressin (DMS), pEVRYRQCYFNPISCF, an allatostatin C-type peptide named flatline (FLT), and SDNFMRFamide, a FMRFamide-containing peptide. The structures of DMS, FLT, and SDNFMRFamide(More)