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Three fluorescent halide-sensitive quinolinium dyes have been produced by the reaction of the 6-methylquinoline heterocyclic nitrogen base with methyl bromide, methyl iodide, and 3-bromo-1-propanol. The quaternary salts, unlike the precursor molecule, are readily water soluble and the fluorescence intensity of these salts is reduced in the presence of(More)
Results of an inter-laboratory round-robin study of the application of time-resolved emission spectroscopy (TRES) to the speciation of uranium(VI) in aqueous media are presented. The round-robin study involved 13 independent laboratories, using various instrumentation and data analysis methods. Samples were prepared based on appropriate speciation diagrams(More)
Tectonic stress fields in the overriding plate at convergent plate margins are complex and vary on local to regional scales. Volcanic arcs are a common element of overriding plates. Stress fields in the volcanic arc region are related to deformation generated by subduction and to magma generation and ascent processes. Analysis of moment tensors of shallow(More)
A tracer test was conducted at the Dixie Valley, Nevada, geothermal reservoir using fluorescein. Four of 9 production wells showed fluorescein breakthrough during the first 200 days of the test. Reconstructed fluorescein return curves are presented that correct for the thermal decay of the tracer assuming an average reservoir temperature of 227°C. In order(More)
Flax seed is a rich source of α-linolenic acid (18:3 n-3). Feeding broiler birds flax seed can increase n-3 fatty acids in meat tissues. However, non-starch polysaccharides in flax seed decrease nutrient digestibility and can have a negative impact on bird performance and muscle fatty acid content. Addition of carbohydrase enzymes to flax-based broiler(More)
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