Kathleen A. S. Quinn

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The National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA) provides elder abuse information to professionals and the public; offers technical assistance and training to elder abuse agencies and related professionals; identifies promising practices; conducts short-term elder abuse research; and assists with elder abuse program and policy development. NCEA's website and(More)
The quantity g (k) (v) was introduced in [6] as the minimum number of blocks necessary in a pairwise balanced design on v elements, subject to the condition that the longest block has length k. Recently, we have needed to use all possibilities for such minimal covering designs, and we record all non-isomorphic solutions to the problem for v ≤ 13.
Elder abuse remains a rapidly growing but largely invisible national policy issue. As the number of elderly persons increases, so will elder abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation. This has implications not only for the victims and the programs struggling to protect them but also for publicly funded programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. The urgent(More)
A directed triple system of order v, DTS(v), is a pair (V, B) where V is a set of v elements and B is a collection of ordered triples of distinct elements of V with the property that every ordered pair of distinct elements of V occurs in exactly one triple as a subsequence. A set of triples in a DTS(v) D is a defining set for D if it occurs in no other(More)