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Randomized control trials and its meta-analysis has occupied the pinnacle in levels of evidence available for research. However, there were several limitations of these trials. Network meta-analysis (NMA) is a recent tool for evidence-based medicine that draws strength from direct and indirect evidence generated from randomized control trials. It(More)
BACKGROUND The global shift toward competency-based education and assessment is also applicable to community-based training (CBT) of undergraduate medical students. There is a need for a tool to assess competencies related to CBT. This study aimed to develop a tool that uses a competency-based approach to evaluate CBT of medical undergraduates. METHODS A(More)
BACKGROUND Mapping is a fundamental way of displaying spatial human cognition. It is a rapid technique of summarising and presenting large amount of information. Social map is a technique that finds use as a participatory rural appraisal tool. AIM To evaluate the feasibility of using social mapping as a public health teaching tool. METHODS A resident(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES Morbidity is self reported at a higher rate among the rich than the poor. However, objective measures suggest the contrary. We examined the role of epidemiological transition in wealth related inequalities in self-reported morbidity (SRM). METHODS We analyzed data of two States, Bihar and Kerala, from 60 [th] Round of National(More)
BACKGROUND Active smoking increases the risk of tuberculosis (TB) infection 2 to 2.5 times and is significantly associated with recurrent TB and TB mortality. Observational studies have shown associations between smoking and poor TB treatment outcomes such as increased loss to follow-up rate, severity of disease, drug resistance and slow smear conversion.(More)
OBJECTIVE To calculate the yield and cost per diagnosed tuberculosis (TB) case for three World Health Organization screening algorithms and one using the Chinese National TB program (NTP) TB suspect definitions, using data from a TB prevalence survey of people aged 65 years and over in China, 2013. METHODS This was an analytic study using data from the(More)
INTRODUCTION A community-based training (CBT) program, where teaching and training are carried out in the community outside of the teaching hospital, is a vital part of undergraduate medical education. Worldwide, there is a shift to competency-based training, and CBT is no exception. We attempted to develop a tool that uses a competency-based approach for(More)