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Influx rate of 18F-fluoroaminosuberic acid reflects cystine/glutamate antiporter expression in tumour xenografts
The influx rate of 18F-FASu reflects xCT activity in tumour xenografts, and shows higher SUVE, whilst 18f-FDG exhibited higher SUVL.
Variability of dynamic 18F-FDG-PET data in breast cancer xenografts
The pharmacokinetic tumour metrics again display much greater variability than the SUV-based metrics, however, it is generally not known which of these metrics that best represents cancer aggressiveness and their use may still depend on the research questions addressed.
Synthesis, radiosynthesis and positron emission tomography neuroimaging using 5-[18 F]fluoro-L-amino suberate.
The synthesis procedures of tosylate precursor and its translation to Sxc - PET tracer 5[18F]fluoro-L-amino suberate by manual and automated radiosyntheses are described and a brain-PET study has been conducted to evaluate the tracer uptake into brain in healthy mice.
Ultra-early changes in vascular parameters from dynamic contrast enhanced MRI of breast cancer xenografts following systemic therapy with doxorubicin and liver X receptor agonist
Examining whether ultra-early changes in tumour physiology following cytotoxic treatment with doxorubicin and liver X receptor (LXR) agonist GW3965 are detectable by DCE-MRI found no effects of any treatment 24 h post treatment.