Kathie M Dalessandri

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BACKGROUND Rupture of a pregnant uterus occurs most often in a scarred uterus, and spontaneous rupture of a non-scarred uterus in the early second trimester is rare. CASE A woman with two previous normal vaginal deliveries and no prior trauma to the uterus presented at 16 weeks' gestation with an acute abdomen due to intraperitoneal hemorrhage. A large(More)
BACKGROUND Bladder injury is a complication of laparoscopic surgery with a reported incidence in the general surgery literature of 0.5% and in the gynecology literature of 2%. We describe how to recognize and treat the injury and how to avoid the problem. CASE REPORTS We report two cases of bladder injury repaired with a General Surgical Interventions(More)
Dietary indoles, present in Brassica plants such as cabbage, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts, have been shown to provide potential protection against hormone-dependent cancers. 3,3'-Diindolylmethane (DIM) is under study as one of the main protective indole metabolites. Postmenopausal women aged 50-70 yr from Marin County, California, with a history of(More)
The intent of this experiment was to study the postsynaptic vasoactive response to tolazoline hydrochloride and sodium-meglumine diatrizoate (Renografin-76) after a unilateral lumbar sympathectomy in a dog model. Both lower extremities were examined using the video dilution technique before and 1-2 weeks after unilateral lumbar sympathectomy (SE). Results(More)
BACKGROUND Marin County, CA has very high incidence of breast cancer. Traditional risk factors, such as those included in the Gail model, do not effectively stratify breast cancer in this population. This retrospective case-control pilot study evaluates DNA from volunteers from a previous Marin County breast cancer epidemiology study. A polyfactorial risk(More)
This study was designed to test the hypothesis that severe atherosclerosis changes aortic compliance. Compliance of a vessel is defined as change in volume per unit change in pressure and is a measure of the stiffness or distensibility of the vascular wall. Part of the energy delivered by the left ventricle in systole is used to propel the blood forward(More)
We developed a model that simulates distal arterial occlusive disease to determine the effects of sympathectomy on certain hemodynamic changes. Two groups of seven dogs each received unilateral distal popliteal artery ligation. Intra-arterial BPs, angiography, pulse volume recordings (PVRs), and photoplethysmograms were taken of the distal hind limb(More)
At age 3 years, WHHL rabbits are near the end of their lifespan, frequently dying from the progression of their hyperlipidemic disease from events such as myocardial infarction. Out of a colony of 20 three-year-old WHHL rabbits raised as part of a NIH breeding project, 2 rabbits actually died of a ruptured thoracic aortic aneurysm. The need for a model to(More)