Kathie A. Yerion

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In Computer Science 2 or Data Structures courses, a major topic is the concept of an abstract data type (ADT). Students often have difficulty grasping this concept in the beginning because of the abstractness of "a data object with operations performed on the object." [2] An abstract data type based on a robot sorting pebbles gives students much needed(More)
Many institutions offer either a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts degree program to computer science majors, often depending on what type of college or department houses the major. However, an increasing number of institutions have created dual degree tracks wherein students may choose to pursue either a BS or a BA, with a different set of(More)
Researcher~ have isolated a gene that, m a def~ctive Jbtva, has been linked to a variety of eaneer~, including those ¢~'the breast, lung, stomach, skin and pancreas. People with the de¢i~ctive A. 7~ AI. gene-an estimated 2 million Americans earn., it-have up to an eightfoM higher risk of developing the diseases. The discovery could lead to a screening test(More)
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