Kathia Chaumoitre

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Cerebral maturation in the normal human fetal brain was investigated by in utero localized proton MR spectroscopy ((1)H MRS). Fifty-eight subjects at 22-39 weeks of gestational age (GA) were explored. A combination of anterior body phased-array coils (four elements) and posterior spinal coils (two to three elements) was used. Four sequences were performed(More)
Many believe that the fetus spine had only one curvature from cranial to caudal which is a global kyphosis and that the lumbosacral lordosis appears with the erect posture. They agree that the sacrum of Homo sapiens is not positioned posteriorly at birth and that it is during the first few years that the sacrum, in humans, moves dorsally in relation with(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate whether a combination of a selected but limited number of anthropometric measurements predicts visceral adipose tissue (VAT) better than other anthropometric measurements, without resort to medical imaging. HYPOTHESIS Abdominal anthropometric measurements are total abdominal adipose tissue indicators and global measures of VAT and(More)
Les travaux de synthèse sur les caractères discrets post-crâniens sont assez rares dans la littérature et se concentrent plus particulièrement sur le membre supérieur. À partir de ce constat, il semble intéressant de regrouper toutes les connaissances actuelles cette fois-ci sur le membre inférieur, et notamment en ce qui concerne la distinction entre(More)
Determination of sex is one of the most important and challenging disciplines in biological anthropology. Creating a robust tool for sexing crania is crucial for forensic anthropology, especially in this period of migration, travel, and globalization, when different populations are mixed together in one region. Many different approaches to sex estimation(More)
This work was conducted to study biomechanical properties and macroscopic analysis of petrous fracture by lateral impact. Seven embalmed intact human cadaver heads were tested to failure using an electrohydraulic testing device. Dynamic loading was done at 2 m/s on temporal region with maximal deflection to 12 mm. Anthropometric and pathological data were(More)
Afin de définir les caractéristiques biomécaniques de la population issue de l’hypogée des Boileau, un ensemble funéraire collectif du Néolithique final vauclusien, nos travaux se sont orientés vers la géométrie de section. Cet outil permet d’estimer la capacité de l’os à résister à des contraintes mécaniques en mesurant les propriétés géométriques des(More)
Leukoencephalopathies have been reported after heroin inhalation or ingestion, and buprenorphine injection, but the physiopathology remains unclear. We report here the first case of leukoencephalopathy caused by buprenorphine ingestion in a 2-year-old child who was admitted for coma and fever. Due to technical problems, the toxicology screen was delayed,(More)
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