Katheryn Lanoue

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Amaranthus includes approximately 60 species, of which three are cultivated as a grain source. Many wild Amaranthus species possess agriculturally desirable traits such as drought and salt tolerance, and pathogen resistance. We examined relationships among wild and cultivated Amaranthus species based upon restriction-site variation in two chloroplast DNA(More)
We previously reported developmental differences in cytosolic free calcium ([Ca1] following steady state, potassium depolarization. This study examines dynamic [Cat1] changes-[Ca1] transient: [Ca1-following electrical depolarization in Immature(I)/Mature(M) single cardiac myocytes via Fura-2 fluorescence. Subanalysis of [Ca1]t into upstroke: (+)d[Ca1]/dt,(More)
18556 Background: A demonstration project testing the feasibly of implementing a depression screening work flow algorithm was initiated by the anti-depression committee at one of six ambulatory care sites in the Kansas City Cancer Center (KCCC) system. The object of the study was to develop a process of work flow that would assist in identifying patients(More)
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