Katherine Tyler

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There is an absence of research on business-to-business eCommerce in developing countries which covers wide-ranging issues beyond contextual imperatives. This paper analyzes eCommerce adoption by businesses in China from internal, external and contextual perspectives. The contributions of this paper are to extend and adapt the Perceived eReadiness Model [A.(More)
PURPOSE To determine how ethnic background influences early sexual activity among young adults. METHODS Quantitative data were collected during the Research with East London Adolescents Community Health Survey study, a population-based survey of young adults belonging to white and black and minority ethnic groups and residing in east London in 2001 (n =(More)
In recent years, there has been a technological advance and commercial boom in genetic technologies and projects, including a renewed scientific interest in the biological status and genetic constitution of race. This article provides an overview of sociological approaches to the study of race and genetics, and argues that these analyses should pay detailed(More)
College students are accessing virtual libraries whether they are on campus or learning from a distance. Academic institutions serving virtual patrons must remain focused on meeting the needs of those library users by continually examining their preferences, their searching behavior, and the information they seek. The purpose of this research was to(More)
As partners in a business relationship interact, they rely on a variety of communication channels as their relationship develops. Although much has been made of the cycles of interaction that contribute to a working relationship, we are only beginning to develop the frameworks and theories that explain the specific communications that play such a large role(More)
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