Katherine T Foster

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This study investigated the influence of age at onset on cognitive performance, neuropathological and neurochemical features in autopsy-confirmed sporadic Lewy body variant (LBV) and in Alzheimer's disease (AD). We compared 28 early-onset (< or = 70 years) LBV subjects with 28 matched late-onset (> 70 years) subjects. Similarly, we examined the same(More)
IMPORTANCE Twin-family studies have shown that parent-child resemblance on substance use disorders and antisocial behavior can be accounted for by the transmission of a general liability to a spectrum of externalizing disorders. Most studies, however, include only biological parents and offspring, which confound genetic and environmental transmission(More)
Current theories predict opposing effects of emotionally arousing information on false memory. If emotion enhances true recollection, then false recollection might be lower for emotional than for neutral pictures. However, if emotion enhances conceptual relatedness, then false recollection might increase for nonstudied but emotionally related pictures. We(More)
Alzheimer's Disease (AD) can reduce the effects of emotional content on memory for studied pictures, but less is known about false memory. In healthy adults, emotionally arousing pictures can be more susceptible to false memory effects than neutral pictures, potentially because emotional pictures share conceptual similarities that cause memory confusions.(More)
In the current study, we explored how a person's physiological arousal relates to their performance in a challenging math situation as a function of individual differences in working memory (WM) capacity and math-anxiety. Participants completed demanding math problems before and after which salivary cortisol, an index of arousal, was measured. The(More)
Pain-related problems frequently complicate substance use disorder (SUD) course and prognosis. However, it is unclear if the negative outcomes associated with co-occurring pain are due to its link with greater SUD severity, disruption of SUD treatment processes, or connection to a third psychological process. The current study modeled the longitudinal(More)
BACKGROUND Mitochondrial liver disease (MLD), and in particular mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) depletion syndrome (MDS) is an important cause of acute liver failure (ALF) in infancy. Early and accurate diagnosis is important because liver transplantation (LT) is often contraindicated. It is unclear which methods are the best to diagnose MLD in the setting of(More)
Women are more vulnerable to the deleterious effects of both acute and protracted alcohol use than men, but women's lower levels of alcohol consumption and alcohol use disorder (AUD) have resulted in a paucity of investigations on the development of alcohol problems in women. In particular, it is not clear to what extent the cascading effects of key(More)
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