Katherine Snell

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(1) Mammalian serine metabolism is discussed in relation to its synthesis and utilization in proliferating cells, particularly during the nonmalignant proliferation of lymphocytes. (2) An analysis of the control of serine biosynthesis de novo under conditions of high pathway flux has been carried out using metabolic control theory. (3) The important and(More)
Argyrophilic carcinoids were found in 2 Syrian hamsters (Mesocricetus auratus). A solitary neoplasm was located in the glandular stomach of a 25.5-month-old animal that had ingested for 12 months laboratory chow to which arecoline and calcium hydroxide [Ca(OH)2] had been added. In the other hamster, a primary carcinoid of the pancreas had metastasized to(More)
On the basis of our study of 12 cases of granular cell tumors in the brains of rats of different inbred strains, it seems that granular cell tumors are not rate in the central nervous system of untreated, aging BN/Bi rats. In none were metastases found. Awareness of the occurrence of these tumors in the central nervous system of these rats may stimulate(More)
1. The concentrations of plasma d-glucose, l-lactate, free fatty acids and ketone bodies and of liver glycogen were measured in caesarian-delivered newborn rats at time-intervals up to 4h after delivery. Glucose and lactate concentrations decreased markedly during the first hours after delivery, but there was a delay of 60-90min before significant glycogen(More)
1. The concentrations of liver glycogen and plasma d-glucose were measured in caesarian-delivered newborn rats at time-intervals up to 3h after delivery after treatment of the neonatal rats with glucagon, dibutyryl cyclic AMP, cortisol or cortisol+dibutyryl cyclic AMP. Glycogenolysis was promoted by glucagon or dibutyryl cyclic AMP in the third hour after(More)
Cells of carcinoid tumors which arise in the glandular stomach of old male and female Praomys (Mastomys) natalensis contain argyrophil granules when tissues fixed in formalin are colored with solutions of silver salts. The carcinoids metastasize in about 25 percent of cases, and are transplantable to other Mastomys. Tumor-bearing animals may show gastric(More)