Katherine Schilling

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The reactive partitioning of cis and trans β-IEPOX was investigated on hydrated inorganic seed particles, without the addition of acids. No organic aerosol (OA) formation was observed on dry ammonium sulfate (AS); however, prompt and efficient OA growth was observed for the cis and trans β-IEPOX on AS seeds at liquid water contents of 40– 75 % of the total(More)
The Pasadena Aerosol Characterization Observatory (PACO) represents the first major aerosol characterization experiment centered in the Western/Central Los Angeles Basin. The sampling site, located on the campus of the Cal-ifornia Institute of Technology in Pasadena, was positioned to sample a continuous afternoon influx of transported urban aerosol with a(More)
Positive matrix factorization (PMF) of high-resolution laboratory chamber aerosol mass spectra is applied for the first time, the results of which are consistent with molecular level MOVI-HRToF-CIMS aerosol-phase and CIMS gas-phase measurements. Secondary organic aerosol was generated by photooxidation of dode-cane under low-NO x conditions in the Caltech(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Medical education experts have called for improved training in evidence-based medicine (EBM) and the increased use of e-learning technologies in medical education. In response, we developed an interactive, Web-based curriculum on key aspects of EBM in family medicine. METHODS Students participating in a 6-week family medicine(More)
The purpose of this study was to answer the following two questions: What are clinical nurses' rationales for their approaches to finding patient educational materials on the web? What are perceived barriers and benefits associated with the use of web-based information resources for patient education in the context of nursing clinical practice?Over 179(More)
Breast cancer survivors often use clues to convey their concerns to their oncologists. The authors conducted a randomized trial of a communication coaching intervention in which 22 female breast cancer survivors were randomized to the coaching and 22 to treatment as usual. They hypothesized that the intervention would increase breast cancer self-efficacy,(More)
 By appointment at dates/times and locations that are convenient!  Please feel free to contact me via telephone (317-681-9847) at any time, day, night, or weekend.  Email correspondences will typically be answered within 24 hours on weekdays. Description: Fundamentals of Clinical Care for Health Informaticians (asynchronous online) is an introduction to(More)