Katherine Rossiter

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An electronic-topological approach has been used to define an active ambergris fragment (AAF) which correctly describes the presence (or absence) of the ambergris odour of all 181 compounds investigated. The AAF consists of one oxygen atom and three carbon atoms (alpha, beta, gamma) which are separated by certain key distances and which possess certain(More)
Changes in aroma of apple harvested at four different maturities were measured at harvest and after short-term storage using electronic aroma sensors ("electronic nose") and classical headspace/gas chromatography methods. Stored fruits were also evaluated by a trained sensory panel. Compared with headspace/gas chromatography, the electronic nose was found(More)
Hydrodynamics and transport simulations were conducted with the modeling software TELEMAC-2D on Icó-Mandantes bay, a branch of the Itaparica reservoir. The bay has a maximal operational water level amplitude of 5 m and is suffering from eutrophication and algae bloom. Therefore, we investigated low and high water level scenarios with two different high(More)
Consistently monitoring a child's linear growth is one of the least invasive, most sensitive tools to identify normal physiologic functioning and a healthy lifestyle. However, studies, mostly from the United Kingdom, indicate that children are frequently measured incorrectly. Inaccurate linear measurements may result in some children having undetected(More)
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