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The extent of the cortical somatotopic map and its relationship to phantom phenomena was tested in five subjects with congenital absence of an upper limb, four traumatic amputees with phantom limb pain and five healthy controls. Cortical maps of the first and fifth digit of the intact hand, the lower lip and the first toe (bilaterally) were obtained using(More)
Intrathecally produced antibodies specific for the infectious agent can be shown by immunoblot. A quantification is practicable by titration. Densitometric evaluation of the immunoblot by a new technique, IDEA (immunoblot for densitometric estimation of antibodies), does not only render titration unnecessary, but also has the advantage of presenting the(More)
Applying the immunoblot technique a sensitive and specific method was developed for the detection of intrathecally synthesized antibodies against individual specific proteins that are antigens of various infectious agents causing encephalitis. Paired serum and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) samples from five patients with herpes virus infections of the central(More)
Owing to the morphological, physiological and pathophysiological similarities in the vasculature of the brain and the inner ear, the term apoplexy can also be applied to the inner ear. The apoplexy of the labyrinth is defined as an acute and severe panlabyrinthic disturbance with sudden hearing loss or deafness in association with vestibular functional(More)
In 6 out of 37 patients, examined by pantopaque cisternography the suspect of a acustic neuroma could be strengthened. All of these tumors showed growth beyond the internal auditory meatus. Smaller intrameatal tumors were not found. The indication for cisternography were made almost according to the demands from Fisch and Wegmüller, therefore it is asked,(More)
Applying sound waves to one ear, reflectory head- and bodymovements as well as nystagmus and vertigo are produced. We could study a Tullio-Phenomenon in a patient with a latero-basal fracture of the skull, who showed an otoliquorrhia from the medial wall of the tympanon. After surgical procedure the Tullio-Phenomenon could no longer be achieved.
Six cases out of 38 women patients with persistent headache and abuse of analgesics are described in more detail. From the observations, inferences are drawn for a more specific and critical prescription of analgesics. The continuous taking of commercially available mixed preparations implicates among other risks the danger of the development or(More)
The authors discuss the results of a questionnaire sent to medical schools to assess textbooks and computer software used in teaching behavioral science and clinical psychiatry. Attributes concerning presentation, theoretical viewpoints, and topics covered were rated by 75 respondents. Certain texts emerged as frequently used. Although the books rated will(More)
OBJECTIVES Esophagogastric junction (EGJ) distensibility and distension-mediated peristalsis can be assessed with the functional lumen imaging probe (FLIP) during a sedated upper endoscopy. We aimed to describe esophageal motility assessment using FLIP topography in patients presenting with dysphagia. METHODS In all, 145 patients (aged 18-85 years, 54%(More)