Katherine R. Collins

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The present work examines the generalizability of the anhedonia phenomenon (extinction-like responding with repeated neuroleptic treatment) by examining rats' licking behavior, a response heretofore untested, in the anhedonia paradigm. Nondeprived rats learned to lick a sucrose solution (32%) and were then tested for eight consecutive days in either a(More)
These data are presented in support of a plastid phylogenomic analysis of the recent radiation of the Hawaiian endemic mints (Lamiaceae), and their close relatives in the genus Stachys, "The quest to resolve recent radiations: Plastid phylogenomics of extinct and endangered Hawaiian endemic mints (Lamiaceae)" [1]. Here we describe the chloroplast genome(More)
Owing to unavoidable circumstances only a limited amount of time was available for the work on agglutination. The foregoing report is therefore preliminary only and the following conclusions are provisionally offered: I. Pneumococci by reason of their agglutinating properties exhibit a tendency to separate into numerous groups similar to streptococci. II.(More)
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