Katherine Olsen

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Healthcare workers (HCWs) may be a reservoir for Staphylococcus aureus transmission to patients. We examined whether HCW status is associated with S. aureus nasal carriage and population structure (spa types) in 1302 women (334 HCWs) and 977 men (71 HCWs) aged 30-69 years participating in the population-based Tromsø Study in 2007-2008. Multivariable(More)
Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale measures and percentage of Barrier and Penetration responses on the Holtzman Inkblot Technique were used as indicators of vulnerability of the self during a depressive episode. Sixty-three depressed inpatients grouped according to diagnostic categories and depressive subtypes were evaluated prior to and after three weeks of(More)
Studies of medication compliance have focused primarily on patient resistance to treatment, medication side effects, or the complexity of the medication regimen. This study of patient visits in a large psychiatric clinic found that, because of failure to schedule appointments or to notify receptionists of rescheduled appointments, physician noncompliance(More)
Recent sharp decline in treatment admissions by opiate abusers stimulated the conduct of a study designed to provide timely data to treatment system administrators for the next cycle of program and budgetary planning. The process of designing the study involved definition of required study characteristics, review of four categories of drug abuse research,(More)
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