Katherine Moriwaki

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This paper focuses on a spectrum of workshops developed by the authors, collectively referred to as Scrapyard Challenges. These workshops ask participants to create a computationally designed object within a fixed time frame using cast-off materials and junk. Depending on the focus on the workshop, participants develop musical controllers, fashion-oriented(More)
We present an informal learning experience for youth ages four through eleven and their families utilizing the integration of art, design, and technology to deliver STEM concepts. The workshop, titled Scrapyard Challenge Jr. 1.0 (SCJ 1.0), was developed from modifications made to an interaction design workshop oriented towards adults, in which participants(More)
In this paper the authors present the MIDI Scrapyard Challenge (MSC) workshop, a one-day hands-on experience which asks participants to create musical controllers out of cast-off electronics, found materials and junk. The workshop experience, principles, and considerations are detailed, along with sample projects which have been created in various MSC(More)
The rapid development of network communication technologies has allowed composers to create new ways in which to directly engage participants in the exploration of new musical environments. A number of distinctive aesthetic approaches to the musical application of networks will be outlined in this paper each of which is mediated and conditioned by the(More)
Musical open works can be often thought like sequences of musical structures, which can be arranged by anyone who had access to them and who wished to realize the work. This paper proposes an innovative agent-based system to model the information and organize it in structured knowledge; to create effective, graph-centric browsing perspectives and views for(More)
INTRODUCTION This paper describes a system in which transient audience participants co-create emergent narratives that are revealed in public space. Passing Glances enables users to create these ambient urban interludes through the use of SMS text messages. The Passing Glances system contains a wealth of keyword-associated imagery that is stored ‘in the(More)
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